1. Overview

Upgrade Prisma Cloud running on Amazon ECS.

First upgrade Console. Console will then automatically upgrade all deployed Defenders for you. If you’ve disabled Defender auto-upgrade or if Console fails to upgrade one or more Defenders, manually upgrade your Defenders.

Console automatically upgrades most Defender types for you. If Console fails to upgrade one or more Defenders, you will see error messages in the Manage > Defenders > Manage tab. If you’ve created an alert for Defender health events, Console emits a message on the alert channel for any Defender that it fails to upgrade.

2. Upgrade Console

To upgrade Console, update the service with a new task definition that points to the latest image.

This procedure assumes you’re using images from Prisma Cloud’s registry. If you’re using your own private registry, push the latest Console image there first.

2.1. Copy the Prisma Cloud config file into place

  1. Download the latest recommended release to your local machine.

  2. Unpack the Prisma Cloud release tarball.

    $ mkdir twistlock
    $ tar xvzf twistlock_<VERSION>.tar.gz  -C twistlock/
  3. Upload the twistlock.cfg files to the host that runs Console.

    $ scp twistlock.cfg <ECS_INFRA_NODE>:/twistlock_console/var/lib/twistlock-config

2.2. Create a new revision of the task definition

Create a new revision of the task definition.

  1. Log into the Amazon ECS console.

  2. In the left menu, click Task Definitions.

  3. Check the box for the Prisma Cloud Console task definition, and click Create new revision.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Configure via JSON.

    1. Update the image field to point to the latest Console image.

      For example, if you were upgrading from Prisma Cloud version 2.4.88 to 2.4.95, simply change the version string in the image tag.

      "image": "registry-auth.twistlock.com/tw_<accesstoken>/twistlock/console:console_2_4_95"
    2. Click Save.

  5. Click Create.

2.3. Update the Console service

Update the Console service.

  1. In the left menu of the Amazon ECS console, click Clusters.

  2. Click on your cluster.

  3. Select the Services tab.

  4. Check the box next the Console service, and click Update.

  5. In Task Definition, select the version of the task definition that points to the latest Console image.

  6. Validate that Cluster, Service name, and Number of tasks are correct. These values are set based on the values for the currently running task, so the defaults should be correct. The number of tasks must be 1.

  7. Set Minimum healthy percent to 0.

    This lets ECS safely stop the single Console container so that it can start an updated Console container.

  8. Set Maximum percent to 100.

  9. Click Next.

  10. In the Configure network page, accept the defaults, and click Next.

  11. In the Set Auto Scaling page, accept the defaults, and click Next.

  12. Click Update Service.

    It takes a few moments for the old Console service to be stopped, and for the new service to be started. Open Console, and validate that the UI shows new version number in the bottom left corner.

  13. Go to Manage > Defenders > Manage and validate that Console has upgraded your Defenders.

    If Console fails to upgrade any Defender, upgrade it manually.