1. Overview

Many organizations use SAML to authenticate users for web services. Prisma Cloud supports the SAML 2.0 federation protocol to access the Prisma Cloud Console. When SAML support is enabled, users can log into Console with their federated credentials. This article provides detailed steps for federating your Prisma Cloud Console with Google G Suite.

The Prisma Cloud/G Suite SAML federation flow works as follows:

  1. Users browse to Prisma Cloud Console.

  2. Their browsers are redirected to the G Suite SAML 2.0 endpoint.

  3. They enter their credentials to authenticate. Multi-factor authentication can be enforced at this step.

  4. A SAML token is returned to Prisma Cloud Console.

  5. Prisma Cloud Console validates the SAML token’s signature and associates the user to their Prisma Cloud account via user identity mapping or group membership.

2. Setting up Google G Suite

Prisma Cloud supports SAML integration with Google G Suite.

  1. Log into your G Suite admin console.

  2. Click on Apps.

    integrate g suite 791235
  3. Click on SAML apps.

    integrate g suite 791236
  4. Click the + button at the bottom to add a new app.

  5. Click SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP at the bottom of the dialog.

  6. Copy the SSO URL and Entity ID, and download the certificate. You will need these later for setting up the integration in Prisma Cloud Console. Click NEXT.

    integrate g suite 791271
  7. Enter an Application Name, such as Prisma Cloud, then click NEXT.

  8. In the Service Provider Details dialog, enter the following details, then click NEXT.

    1. In ACS URL, enter: https://<CONSOLE_IPADDR | CONSOLE_HOSTNAME>:8083/api/v1/authenticate.

    2. In Entity ID, enter: twistlock.

    3. Enable Signed Response.

      integrate g suite 791240
  9. Click FINISH, then OK.

    integrate g suite 791241
  10. Turn the application to on. Select either ON for everyone or ON for some organizations.

    integrate g suite 791242

3. Setting up Prisma Cloud

Set up Prisma Cloud for G Suite integration.

  1. Log into Console, then go to Manage > Authentication > Identity Providers > SAML.

  2. Set Integrate SAML users and groups with Prisma Cloud to Enabled.

  3. Set Identity provider to G Suite.

  4. Set up the following parameters:

    1. Paste the SSO URL, Entity ID, and certificate that you copied during the G Suite set up into the Identity Provider single sign-on URL, Identity provider issuer, and X.509 certificate fields.

    2. Set Audience to match the application Entity ID configured in G Suite. Enter twistlock.

    3. Click Save.

  5. Go to Manage > Authentication > Users, and click Add user.

  6. In the Username field, enter the G Suite email address the user you want to add. Select a role, then click Save. Be sure Create user in local Prisma Cloud account database is Off.

  7. Log out of Console.


    You will be redirected into G Suite and you might need to enter your credentials. After that, you will be redirected back into Prisma Cloud and authenticated as a user.